Father Newman giving a Sermon

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Twenty-First Sunday of the Year

26 August 2007

Dear Friends in Christ,

A few items for your attention:

1. This Thursday is the deadline for registration for religious education. If your children are between 1st and 8th grade and are not enrolled in a Catholic school or your own home school, then they must attend our Wednesday evening religious education classes, and in order to be admitted to class, they must be registered by this Thursday. Forms are available on the parish website and in Sacred Heart Hall.

2. Even children who are being home schooled by Catholic parents must be registered with the parish religious education office, so that we know they are in the parish and receiving catechesis at home. Any child who is not registered in advance will not be eligible to receive First Penance, First Communion, or Confirmation at St. Mary’s.

3. RCIA (the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) begins the Wednesday after Labor Day, September 5th. This course is for adults in any of three conditions who want to be Catholic Christians in full communion with the Church: 1) those who have never been baptized, 2) those who were baptized in a non-Catholic Christian communion, and 3) those who were baptized in the Catholic Church but who were never catechized, or stopped practicing the faith, or left the Church for another Christian community. Please look in the bulletin for registration information.

4. Because we do not presently have a parochial vicar, the weekday Mass schedule will not be as stable as we would like. Please consult the bulletin or the website on a regular basis to be sure you know the weekday Mass schedule, noting that in September there are two weeks when there will not be a Mass at noon.

5. Please remember that only one priest is now available to hear Confessions on Saturday afternoon from 3.30 to 4.30 pm, but on most Wednesday afternoons, two priests hear Confessions from 5.00 to 6.00 pm. If it is possible for you to make your Confession on Wednesday rather than Saturday afternoon, please consider making that your new habit.

6. Mass according to Missal of 1962 (often called the Tridentine Mass) is offered at Prince of Peace Church in Taylors on most Sunday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Those who want to attend the old Mass are welcome to do so at Prince of Peace, but please check the schedule to be certain of the day and time of each celebration.

Father Newman